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Tell Me More About Clinical Canine Massage And How It Can Help My Dog?

What Is Clinical Canine Massage?

Clinical Canine Massage is a unique, strong, manipulative Remedial Massage for dogs that releases tight, sore muscles, removes debilitating ‘Knots’ or Trigger Points that cause pain.

How Does It Help My Dog?

It can help to resolve many day to day mobility issues, whether they have suddenly come on, or have been there for a while. It can also help resolve soft tissue or muscular problems and support orthopaedic issues like Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia.

Canine Massage Guild Member

Members of the Guild aim to give your dog results in just 1-3 sessions and if you are not seeing results, we will refer you back to your vet – you won’t be asked to keep coming without seeing tangible results.

Tell Me More

Getting your dog therapeutically treated by a Member of the Canine Massage Guild is a must for any dog owner concerned with their dog’s mobility and health. It can help give you answers for what you are seeing with your dog and importantly can do something about it with an hour of hands on therapy.

Clinical Canine Massage may help your dog if you see any of the following:



Difficulty going up/down stairs

Quicker recovery from operations/injury e.g. cruciate

Signs of ageing & premature ageing

Back/Neck/Shoulder pain

Performance Issues – agility, knocking poles, obedience, send away

Arthritis, Hip/Elbow Dysplasia

Reluctant on walks

Disinterested in life

Twitching down back

Gait/Posture irregularities e.g. roaching/swayback

Nervous/Anxious/Touch shy

Quivering of the skin

Nibbling at back end

Crying/Yelping in pain

What do people typically see with their dog after a Clinical Canine Massage?

Better movement

Reduced stiffness

Significantly reduced pain levels

Resolution or significant reduction of lameness

A ‘younger’ dog

An improved mood

Happy to go on and enjoying walks again

Able to go up/down stairs

Able to get in/out of car

Got their ‘zest’ back for life

Coping better with Arthritis

Improved working/agility performance – not knocking poles, good contacts and weave entry

Better posture – no more swayback or roaching

More fluid, effortless gait

Don’t Just take our word for it…read a sample of our many testimonials from some of our happy customers. 

“Janis has been treating our GSD, who has hip problems, since Dec. The sessions make a huge difference. He is more mobile, more energetic and generally more comfortable overall. Our boy obviously knew he was in good hands, he was so relaxed. Janis has such calming way with him, so patient, and her love of dogs is apparent. I would recommend Happy Hound in a heartbeat and we will continue with this therapy as and when our dog needs it.”


“Dear Janis, just a wee thank you for all your work with Ollie. I’m sure I would have had to make that awful decision earlier without it.”


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